Feb 21st Google Day

On Feb 21st, our 7-12 professional development day was focused primarily on Google Apps.   It was a conference style schedule with leveled courses that allowed teachers to select the exact sessions to make their own personalized schedule.

Documentation and notes from the Google Training are posted at: http://tinyurl.com/wdmcsgoogle

At the end of the day, we collected feedback from the staff.  Here’s the overall summary, as well a link to the full list of feedback from staff.

What we liked about the PD day. What went well…………….

  • Having choice!
  • I was able to pick the sessions that were best for me!
  • Well organized
  • We had hands on time in each session.


Suggestions for the future PD….

  • Better clarification is needed on the course titles, for example, can move back to labeling them as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced?
  • Do this again!
  • Keep doing this – do this EVERY year!
  • more work time sessions, where we can apply what we’ve learned
  • Have another day just like this one next fall.




The Internet attacks…

What was the end result or cause of the Internet attacks several weeks ago?
It was a dynamic denial of service (dDOS) attack.  Specifically, it was a new version of an NTP amplification attack.

So, we were the only people impacted?
No… in fact, many sites globally were involved, see the map below.

locations around the world involved in NTP attacks on Feb 10th.

locations around the world involved in NTP attacks on Mar 10th.

What destination were they trying to get into? Was there a specific destination or service they were trying to crack into?
For our specific situation, the attack was against our Internet connection – so they there was no attempt to break into or crack into any information system. Instead, it was simply a malicious attack that’s goal was to be annoying – and it succeeded.

Other additional information and links related to this type of attack:

Is everything back to normal?
Yes, by mid spring break, the attacks had been contained and our internet access was back normal and has remained normal since.