1:1 Meeting Agendas

First Meeting:  Feb 18th, 4pm to 6pm, @ LRC in the Clive Conference Room on 1st floor

  1. Review our purpose
  2. Review specific questions we need to address, including…
    1. Is there interest in this topic from staff? students? parents?
    2. Why?  Why are other districts doing this? What do they expect for results?
    3. Pros/Cons: how will this benefit students? What concerns does it create? Will 40lb backpacks with text books still exist?
    4. Costs: what are the potential cost ranges? Can it be done with existing resources?
    5. Discuss strategies to answer the questions
    6. Discuss school visits/logistics/assignments
    7. Establish later meeting date(s):  In other words, what time will be set aside for sharing from the visits & conference, and how will we compile everything to report to the school board.


Second Meeting:  Feb 26th, 4pm to 6pm, @ LRC in the Clive Conference Room on 1st floor

  1. Planning/logistics for school visits, including…
    1. What questions are we going to ask?
    2. Are we asking the same questions of all districts?
    3. How are we going to record/organize/compile all of the information
    4. Planning/logistics for April 4th 1:1 conference
      1. How are collecting/organizing our findings, as well as sharing with rest of

School Visits:  Dates are not yet finalized, but we will offer everyone an opportunity to visit another district in Iowa that is 1:1.  We are looking at five or six different school visits that will be available.  All visits will be a single day trip, no overnight stays.   The visits will be scattered across March and April.

1:1 Conference:  Participants will also have the opportunity to attend the states 1:1 conference on April 4th at the Iowa Event Center.  It’s a full day conference running 9am to 4pm

Final Meeting:  Not scheduled, but we will need to discuss dates/times for coming together to share our findings from the visits, conferences, and research.  Although not scheduled, we know it will be after the last visit and the 1:1 conference, so we’re estimating mid-April

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