1:1 site visit questions

As part of our 1:1 study team, we are visiting other districts around the state that are utilizing 1:1.  The following list of questions were brainstormed at our first meeting.  At our next meeting, we’ll be looking through these questions to finalize the list.  (Obviously, during the visit, additional questions will come up randomly, and that’s ok – but we wanted to make sure there’s a list of standardized questions that are asked of all districts so we can compare results).

Possible Site Visit Questions


  1. Tell us about your district….
  2. Number of students and schools…
  3. What is the social-economic background of your schools?

WHY 1:1 ?

  1. Tell us the story of how your district became 1:1…
  2. Why did you become 1:1:?  In other words: Name 2 or 3 specific reasons why you choose to implement 1:1?
  3. Who was the driving force that initiated 1:1 in your district?
  4. What was not happening or missing that caused your district to investigate 1:1?
  5. What are we not asking – what did we miss?
  6. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
  7. What did you have before 1:1? And was it replaced or do you still need it?
  8. What did it take to get buy-in from staff?  from parents? from community?


  1. What benefits/results were you wanting from 1:1?
  2. How are you measuring these results? and what results do you have so far?
  3. What impact has this had on teacher /student/family behavior?
  4. Tell us about your original intention vs actual practice/usage.


  1. How does this change you as a teacher?
  2. How does it change the activities in the classrooms?  What do you now ask of your students that you didn’t prior to being 1:1?
  3. Tell us about the training and preparation you received before going 1:1?  What did you like? What more do you need more of?
  4. How does 1:1 impact special student populations? ie, IEP, ESL
  5. How are days with substitutes handled? how does that impact the classroom?


  1. Do you still buy new textbooks after going 1:1?
  2. Do you still distribute existing textbooks that were purchased prior to going 1:1?


  1. Tell us about your training rollout/expectations for staff?
  2. Tell us about your training rollout/expectations for students?
  3. Tell us about your training rollout/expectations for parents?
  4. What push back did you encounter and how do you resolve it?
  5. What unexpected pitfalls did you encounter?


  1. How much are the devices actually used? (for class usage as compared to students doing other thing, FB posts during day, etc)
  2. What software/ learning management systems are used?  Is there a standard that all rooms must use?  Or teacher choice?
  3. When do kids learn keyboarding in your district?


  1. What’s the support plan?
  2. Who handles support? where additional staff hired to support the 1:1 project?
  3. What does it cost?
  4. What hidden costs did you encounter?
  5. How many devices are typically broken? Who handles the cost of broken devices?
  6. How many devices are typically lost or stolen? and what is your procedure for lost / stolen – who is responsible for replacement?
  7. Do you lease vs buy the devices and why?
  8. Warranty? Insurance?  Who buys insurance?
  9. Replacement cycle? How often do you plan on replacing the devices?
  10. Can parents opt out of taking them home?
  11. How did you fund this project?
  12. How will you fund again when its time to replace?


  1. How does this compare to what colleges do? Do they offer 1:1?
  2. Does implementing 1:1 prepare them for college?
  3. Ask colleges:  does this prepare them?

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