1:1 Study Team Members

Andi Lipman andilipman@gmail.com School Board
Liz Brennan ejcb@me.com School Board
Shane Scott scotts@wdmcs.org Curriculum Director
Steph Wilson wilsons@wdmcs.org Curriculum Director
Ross Bower bower@wdmcs.org Valley Southwoods
Erin O’Connell oconnelle@wdmcs.org Valley Southwoods
Bret Miller millerb@wdmcs.org Walnut Creek
Carrie Jacobs jacobsc@wdmcs.org Walnut Creek
Brady Weber weberb@wdmcs.org Stilwell
Kathy Talbot talbotk@wdmcs.org Stilwell
Natalie French frenchn@wdmcs.org Indian Hills
Jessica Novelli novellij@wdmcs.org Indian Hills
Brooke Dey deyb@wdmcs.org Elementary
Scott Brown browns@wdmcs.org Elementary
Adam Ponsor ponsora@wdmcs.org Elementary
Bob Davis davisb@wdmcs.org Elementary Admin
Kerry Ketcham ketchamk@wdmcs.org Secondary Admin
David Feingold dfeingold@mchsi.com Parent
Joni Kinnan kinnanjoni@yahoo.com Parent
Julie McGuire jcammcguire@yahoo.com Parent
Brian Abeling abelingb@wdmcs.org Technology
Jackie Neuberger Neuberger@wdmcs.org Professional Development
Jana Edwards edwardsj@wdmcs.org Valley High School
Kevin Neal nealk@wdmcs.org Valley High School
Karl Goldsmith goldsmithk@wdmcs.org Valley High School
Kelsey Hudson Hudsonk@wdmcs.org Valley High School

What about students?
Invitations were sent to the student council, and we are expecting to have students join the group. However, at this date (Feb 17th), the names of the student representatives were not known.

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