Draft of 1:1 survey questions

One of the tasks of the 1:1 study team is to gauge interest among staff, students, and community.  During the first meeting, a sub group generated this list of potential survey questions.

Our task for the next meeting is to review and finalize the survey questions, keeping in the mind that our overall purpose is to…
1) identify pros and cons from various audiences
2) identify interest among the various groups
3) our purpose is NOT to identify the desired device/timeframe/rollout plans

Here’s the list of potential questions that were generated…..

INTRODUCTION to the survey…..
In January 2013, the West Des Moines School Board asked the district to study the topic of 1:1 – which refers to the current trend where computer devices, ranging from mobiles and handhelds to laptops or netbooks are provided for students. A team of teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, and students was established to study the topic and to visit other schools within the state that are utilizing 1:1. The committee was also charged with gauging interest, including the pros and cons from staff, students, and the community.
The purpose of this survey is to gauge your interest, as well as collect your thoughts and ideas related to the topic. This short survey should only take a few minutes to complete.
Thank you for participating in the WDMCS 1:1 Interest Survey.

1. I am a:
(please check all that apply)

K-6 student in the West Des Moines Schools

7-12 student in the West Des Moines Schools

K-6 WDMCS staff membe

7-12 WDMCS staff member

Other WDMCS employee

WDMCS parent

Community member

2.Are you interested in the district pursuing 1:1 for students?



Not sure

3. Do you have a computer at home?

4. Do you have internet access at home?

5. Do you have wireless internet access at home?

6. Teachers: If each of your students had an mobile device, would physical text books still be required?

7. Teachers: Would 1:1 positively or negatively impact your classroom instruction?

8. Teachers: Would 1:1 positively or negatively impact classroom management?

9. What excites you about the idea of 1:1?

10. What concerns you about the idea of 1:1?

11. How frequently would you use the technology?

12. How well versed is the student or teacher in using the technology?

13. Is this a “good” use of money?

14. How much do students use computers at home?

15. How much would you expect it to be used?

16.  Would you like the district to continue to studying the idea of 1:1?

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