1:1 Feb 18th Meeting Agenda

Here’s the agenda for our first 1:1 study committee meeting……

1.  What is 1:1?

Video: Forward Learning, from District 123, Illinois

Video: 1:1 in Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa

2. We are not…

* not selecting a device

* not creating a roll out plan

* not create timeframes

3. What is our purpose?

Q1. Gauge interest from… staff, students, parents/community

Q2. Why?

a. Why are other schools doing 1:1?

b. What results do they expect?

Q3. Pros/Cons

a. How would this benefit students?

b.How will this change teaching and learning?

c. What concerns does this create?

d. will students still carry 40lbs of text books along with a mobile device?

Q4. Costs

a. What are the costs ranges?

b. What are the various factors related to long term costs?

4. School Visits.

Each member will have the opportunity to visit another school district within the state that is currently utilizing 1:1.

Council Bluffs:  March 7th,  leave 8:45am from LRC, return 5:30pm

College Community (Cedar Rapids): April 2, leave 8:30am, return 4:15pm

Waverly Shell Rock: Tentative for March 12

Bettendorf High School: to be determined

Van Meter:  to be determined

Johnston High School: to be determined

DM North High School: to be determined

5. 1:1 Conference

Each person will also have the opportunity to attend the state 1:1 conference being held at the Iowa Event Center on April 4th, 9am to 4pm

6. Today’s task…

Group:  gauge interest

Group: site visit questions/prep

7. Next Meeting: Feb 26th 4pm to 6pm


a. Gauge interest

b. Site visit questions/prep

8. Last Meeting

a. Schedule date/time/place

b. Tasks for last meeting…


a. Site visits

b. 1:1 conference

c. Gauge Interest results


a. pros/cons

b. findings

c. Prepare summary/presentation for Board

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