Resources for learning the new Campus Teacher Tools

What training options are available to learn the new teacher grade book tools?

Option 1) Handouts from today’s training

Attached are the handouts from the session completed today, which included teachers from West Des Moines. You’re welcome to review them to see some of the new features.

Option 2) Check out the PREVIEW site.

The online preview site we created last spring is still available – where you can log in with your existing Campus ID and password and check out the new features and mess around without worrying about doing anything wrong. Preview website is:

Option 2) Online Self-Paced Training

Infinite Campus has provided an online, self-paced training model that is available at: IN 1113 Instruction Module – ENHANCED Self-Paced (you will need to create an account in order to log in to the training, but the account and training module are FREE)

Option 3) Live Webinar Training Sessions.

Available online at no charge – Infinite Campus is running weekly webinars to provide opportunities for teachers to view the new grade book options. Visit:, click on SIGN UP NOW to create your free account. Once logged in, search for course IN 1136, which is the free weekly webinar.

Will there be other training scheduled in our building?

At this time, we are not aware of any building based training sessions – however, now that we have a group of teachers who have gone through the initial training, we are encouraging schools to consider optional times to setup quick demonstrations/help sessions for individuals who are interested.

Campus Teacher Tools.pdf

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