Accidental insurance coverage for school purchased iPads

Sign-up for FREE accidental insurance for your district/school-owned iPad ! !

 NOTICE: This is only available for district-owned iPads  – you must include the purchase order number for which  your iPad was ordered.  If you used a district procurement (credit) card, you must still fill the purchase order that was used to pay the procurement card bill.

Insurance Sign-up:


Q1. Free?  Seriously, who’s really paying for it?
A1. It is being paid for by the district management fund

Q2. What does the accidental insurance cover?
A2.  It covers accidental drops, screen problems, even water damage.

Q3.  Exactly which Apple products are covered?
A3. any model or version of iPads.

Q4. What if my iPad is stolen? What will this coverage do?
A4.  Nothing…  This covers accidental damage, not theft.

Q5. Won’t the district’s other insurance cover theft?
A5. No.  Theft of an iPad is not covered by district insurance.

Q6.  Once I sign up – how do I proceed with getting a device repaired?
A6.  Contact your building tech person for assistance, as it is treated like a regular technology workorder.

Q7. How long is this insurance good for?
A7.  Each year we will review the program to ensure that it working properly.  Our best guess right now is that we will insure the iPads for 3 years, after which time they would no longer be covered.

Q8. Who is responsible for filling out the online insurance form?
A8.  If you are using a district/school purchased iPad, then it’s your responsibility. The form is available at:

Q9.  Is the insurance enrollment only open for a certain time?
A9.  It will be open all year long – you may register any time you purchase an iPad and have all the necessary information needed for enrollment (purchase order number as well as model, serial numbers from the device)

Q10. What’s the procedure when something breaks/goes wrong with my ipad?
A10.  If it is a hardware issue, please visit your school office and/or media center and ask for assistance with a regular tech workorder.

Remember: If you haven’t registered your device on-line (, then you can’t get support for the device.

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