AppleCare for iPads: to buy or not to buy?

With schools looking to purchase iPads, I’m often fielding the following questions…

 Q1. Should we buy AppleCare with each iPad?   
Short answer:  NO.


Q2. So what should we do?
The district provides accidental damage protection for ipads –  IF you register your device with use.  Visit: to register your district/school owned iPad.  



The full details………..

1.  What is Apple Care?
It’s an extended warranty for the iPad that costs $69 per device.  Let’s compare this to when you buy an appliance or an electronic device at a store and at the checkout counter they ask if you want to purchase an extended warranty – that’s what AppleCare is.  The iPad is warrantied for the first year only, AppleCare extends this period.

2. On the cover it states that its “Protection Coverage”…  what exactly does it cover?
It covers a manufacturing flaw or malfunction past the first year. It does not cover accidental damage caused by students or staff.


3. What are the most frequent problems submitted for the iPad and are they covered by AppleCare?
Most frequent problems…

1)      iPad is dropped, case is broke, device won’t boot =  not covered by AppleCare.  I spoke with the manager at the Apple Store – and this is only covered by accidental damage protection, which is not available from Apple and is not a part of Apple Care.

2)      Screen is cracked or scratched =  Not covered by AppleCare, as it is assumed that the device was dropped, and accidental damage is not covered by AppleCare.

3)      Water damage = also not covered by AppleCare.

4. So if none of these situations are covered by AppleCare, why would we buy it?
Due to the answers from #3, we do NOT encourage you to buy AppleCare.

5. Have we checked with other area districts – do they purchase AppleCare with their iPads?
Yes, most districts/schools are not buying AppleCare.  However, some schools are reporting that they are buying accidental damage protection instead – typically from the same resources that we are evaluating accidental insurance from right now.

6. But the folks at the Apple Store tell us that we really should purchase it to protect the devices?
Of course, they do…. The folks at Best Buy also push you to buy their extended warranty also.

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