Calling 9-911 for emergencies from school

Can’t I just call 911?  Why 9 -911?
You need to dial 9 first in order to get an outside line

I’ve heard that it takes time for a 9-911 call to go through.
Yes, this is true for all phone calls , but when there’s an emergency and you’re in a hurry, it certainly seems longer.  Please let the call go through.  We’ve seen cases when individuals have hung up and tried again –  please stay on the line to let it connect.

Can I call 9-911 from my classroom?  I’ve heard that it sets alarms off in our school office and at the LRC.
If any student or adult is in a dangerous or potentially harmful situation, then YES, you should call 9-911 from your room.    And, yes, dialing 9-911 will set off an alarm at your school office and at the LRC.    These alarms help alert others of an emergency so that additional assistance can be provided.

What if the LRC calls and asks the office if there’s an emergency –  and we don’t know?
This is OK; in fact, it’s also very likely to happen.  When you dial  9-911,  the dispatcher will keep you on the phone until help has arrived – they will not ask you to hang-up.  Therefore, you don’t have the ability to dial anyone else for help. That’s why we’ve set an alarm to trigger in the office.

I’ve seen another number posted for emergencies that won’t set off the alarm in the office.  Should I use that number?
It’s best to use 9-911 in an emergency because those calls have priority at the dispatch center and the operators automatically are shown the address of your building.

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