Seven WDM staff to present at state technology conference in October

Congratulations to the following West Des Moines Schools staff…   their proposals were recently accepted for the state technology conference in October.   We’ve had staff present in prior years, but I believe this is the largest number we’ve had in a long time:  a total of different 5 sessions, handled by 7 presenters.

Carrie Jacobs, Walnut Creek Campus Alt High School
Title: Instilling Cultural Awareness in Teens
Our Global Society is a class created and taught by Carrie. Using web 2.0 tools, students experience culture firsthand, learning to appreciate their own as well as other’s cultural backgrounds. Participants learn techniques that are useful in any classroom.

Jackie Neuberger and Mark Vance,  WDM District
Title: Teacher Laptop Initiative – Not the Same Old, Same Old!
Description: Check out the WDMCSD formula: one laptop + 15 hours of training x 300 staff members = successful teacher laptop initiative.  Learn how we did it!

Adam Nidey and Beau Barrett, Crestview Elementary
(although Beau has taken a job in Waukee, I’m hoping we still get him involved) 
Title:  Engage your students using only ONE iPad in an Elementary Classroom!
Description: Experience the iPad firsthand as we explore many apps, uses, and benefits currently implemented by Crestview Elementary teachers. Learn to engage diverse learners in literacy, math and science. 21st century learning with ONE iPad is easier than you think!

Carl Sundermann, Valley High School
Title: Getting a Grip on Staff and Student Printing
Description: We revamped our printing procedures, starting with our print shop, then went to a badge system at our building copiers, then implemented a program called PaperCut to manage student and staff printing at the building HP printers.

Brian Abeling, WDM District
with Ray Coffey, Indianola & Keith Lyles, SE Polk
Title: Banned Technologies in Iowa
Description:  Find out who’s opening access to what… and why… and why you should too.   Hear how other districts are handling cell phones, social media, personal wi-fi devices, and more.

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