Toshiba Copier information…

Q1. I swipe my card at the copier – and the card reader displays an error message, what do I do?
A1. The first thing to do – reboot the card reader.   On the back of the card reader,  unplug all of the cords – then plug them back in – this will reboot the card reader.  If this fails, then contact the tech person in your building who handles the copier, as they will need to call Laser Resources (LRI) for technical support.

Q2.  How much money does each certified staff member receive to use on the copier?
A2.  Each certified staff member receives $100 per school year.

Q3.  Who is actually paying for the $100 per certified staff? and what happens when they run out of money?
A3.  The first $100 is paid for by the district.   When you run out of funds, you must then obtain permission and an account code from your supervisor –  as you will be funding anything beyond the first $100.

Q4.  When exactly does the $100 expire?  does it carry over to the next year?
A4.  No, it does not carry over into the next year.  On July 1st, the system automatically resets everyone to $100 regardless of how much is left in their account.

Q5. How do I know how much is left in my account?
A5.  Starting around Sept 1st of each school year, a weekly email will go out from the system that lists the balances. The beginning of the weekly email status also provides the following background…

Attached is the weekly balance update for the Toshiba Copiers. The column labeled “BALANCE” shows the remaining amount of funds available for your account. When your account runs out, you must obtain permission from your supervisor along with an account code to cover addition allocations

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