What is the cost of printing?

Q1. What is the cost of printing – where do we get the most for our budget? the copier? the print shop?

A1. The district printshop is ALWAYS the best deal, regardless of type of paper, color, duplex – the printshop always has a lower price compared to the copiers or the building local printers.

The actual printing costs always depends on whether you print duplex, what type of paper, even color of paper.. but the average costs comparisons are..

Print Shop:  less than 1 cent per page,  this includes the paper, ink, work, and delivery

Toshiba Copier:  2 cents per page, when you add toner, staples, and paper cost.

Local HP printer:  4 to 10 cents depending on which printer it is.


Q2.  Sorry, but I don’t believe you… I ran the numbers last year and the copiers appeared to be a better cost option.
A2.  The staff at the Print Shop monitor these costs closely – and they make adjustments when needed.  They have run the same comparisons and the have ensured us that the true total cost of any print job is lowest at teh Print Shop.




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