What wireless network should I be using?

What wireless network should I be using?

What network you should be using depends on who you are and what equipment you have.  For example…

Both STAFF and STUDENTS who bring personal devices to school should use WDMCS-WiFi.

How to connect to WDMCS-WiFi

  1. On your device, choose the WDMCS-WiFi network.
    If you are using Windows, be sure to tick the box to “Connect Automatically” before clicking “Connect”!
  2. Depending on your device either:
    A) A new window will appear or
    B) You’ll be connected, but no window will appear so you will have to open your web browser manually. Type in cnn.com to force the device to go out to the internet, and you will then see the new window shown below.
  3. The new window will resemble this (again, depending on the device, it will look slightly different).

  4. Choose Staff/Student and enter your username and password.  This is the same username and password that you use to log on to the computers at school.
  5. You are now connected!


Once I connect to the wireless network, what will I have access to?
If you are a staff member, you’ll have access to the Internet (with no bandwidth restrictions), access to map networks drives, and access to school printers (depending on what type of device you connect with). Students who connect will have Internet and access to their specific network drives.

How long can I stay connected to the network?
11 months. After that time, you’ll be asked to enter your username and password again to reconnect.

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