How to install PrintGroove print driver on my teacher and/or personal laptop

To install the Printgroove driver . . .


  1. Step by step directions for how to install the PrintGroove print driver on your district or personal laptop.

To use the driver . . .

  1. Open up a document you want to send to Printgroove.
  2. Click on the Office button to open the menu, then click on Print.
  3. On the Print dialog box, click the down arrow next to your default printer and navigate to Printgroove POD Driver.  Click to highlight that.
  4. Be sure to indicate what you want for page range, number of copies.  Once you have filled those in, click on OK.
  5. The File Selection dialog box will appear with your file.  Click on the filename to highlight it, then click on the Next button.
  6. **THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT!**  On the Driver Selection dialog box, confirm that the driver says Printgroove POD SERVE and then click on the Options button.  Fill in the appropriate text as indicated below:

User Name         type the username you use for Printgroove (it is the same as your network ID)

Password            type your password you use for Printgroove (it is the same as you network password)

IPAddress           type the following:

Port                       do not do anything to this field

  1. Once completed, click on OK to continue.
  2. After a few seconds, Printgroove (the web version) will open up.  You will need to complete the steps you have always done in Printgroove, except for uploading your document – you’ll see it’s already been converted to a PDF file and has been uploaded.

Should you have any problems – we encourage you to contact Laurie Heald in the district printshop.

2 thoughts on “How to install PrintGroove print driver on my teacher and/or personal laptop

  1. Lynda Niffenegger

    I tried this and all goes well, but once I get to Drive Selection and enter my User name and Password and the IP Address it gives me a Downloading profile message and then an error messge that says Unable to connect the server Any ideas?

    1. wdmtech Post author

      In your error message above, it lists is this a typo, or was this part of the actual error… as it could be that typo is why it can’t connect. If its a typo and the address is, then I’m not sure why, but we can certainly help to dig in to it more.. brian


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