What’s the district plan related to iPads?

Q1.  Schools/departments are welcome to use their own money to purchase iPads, itouches, etc, correct?

Q2.  Do we place the orders through the technology department? Do we contact technology department for pricing information?
Orders are placed directly to Apple, either through their website or the local Apple store.  Since there are no longer any educational discounts available on iPads, please contact Apple directly for pricing and ordering information.

Q3.  What is the district plan for iPads?  Will the district be purchasing and deploying iPads?
The district will start to pilot/test iPads through out the district this fall.    The program will look similar to the teacher laptop program with the first wave consisting of trainers who will be responsible for conducting courses for other teachers who take the course.

Here’s some basic information about the program:

Wave 1)  Trainers
* Teachers will apply on-line.
* Online application will be available after Labor Day
* Trainers will receive training in how to setup iPads, manage iTunes accounts related to classroom usage, backup/restore iPads, etc. 
* Each trainer receives 3 iPads for their classroom.
* Each trainer receives 1 credit hour towards teacher certificate renewnal.
* Trainers are expected to teach at least one 15 course for other teachers as well as be available to assist others in their building with iPad questions and issues. 
* Teaching & Learning Services will be responsible for selecting one trainer from each school, from the pool of on-line applications submitted.

Wave 2) Additional classrooms
* Following wave 1 for trainers, another online application form will be available for teachers who want to apply to be in the 15 hour course, which is taught by one of the trainers.  
* Teaching & Learning Services will be responsible for selecting the participants.  
* Each classroom selected will receive 3 iPads, be required to attend the 15 hour course, and will receive 1 credit towards license renewal.

2 thoughts on “What’s the district plan related to iPads?

  1. Kelsey

    Will we be given examples of the best ways to use Ipads in our classrooms? Many of us have never used one, and with three to use, it’s apparent that we won’t be really having all students use them. So it’d be great to get examples of how three ipads can change a classroom, since not all students will be participating. 🙂

    1. wdmtech Post author

      Great questions Kelsey…

      I’ll start by adding another question to the mix: What is the purpose of the iPad rollout? Do we know where they are needed or are we just exploring?
      ANSWER: The purpose of the program is to pilot / test/ experiment with iPads. We’ve had others also say things like “I’ve never used one, but I’m hearing about ways it could be used in the classroom”. The purpose of this program is to allow teachers to an opportunity to begin exploring and searching for ways that the iPad could be used.

      Will we be given examples/best ways to use them? Yes, as much as we can… but we have to remember that the purpose is to explore and find the best usages, so we are hoping to give folks an opportunity to explore what they could be used for.

      Why only three iPads?
      We felt that if there was only one per classroom, it would simply become a teacher productivity tool only. Using an iPad as a teacher productivity tool is fine – but we’d like to see it tested for more than just teacher productivity gains. Unfortunately, we’ve only got a certain amount of money available for the testing, which is why settled on 3 per room. As specific usages are identified, we are sure that schools, parent groups, and the district will continue to fund additional devices – but for now, we need to begin by doing two things: 1) build capacity to have a trainer at each building that is familiar with the device and knows how to help support them 2) then build capacity for teachers to begin exploring classroom usages.

      – Brian Abeling


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