Common Teacher Laptop issues…

Q1.  My laptop won’t power on…  what do I do?
1. Disconnect your battery
2. Plug your charger/adapter in
3.  Turn your laptop on.
4.  Then re-connect your battery.

Q2. My network drives were working –  but after taking the laptop home or another location,  I’ve brought it back to work and there’s a  red X on the network drive?  How do I get the drives to reconnect?
Double click on the network drives – and they should reconnect.  Worst case scenario is that it may ask you for your username and password again.  Remember to use   domain\username for the username field.

Q3.  I set up my printers – but now they have a red X on them…  how do I get them reconnected?
Reconnect to \\ps-3\   find the printers and right click and select CONNECT.

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