Connecting your device to the copiers

Q1. How can I connect my teacher laptop or desktop to the Toshiba Copiers?  

1.  If you are on a laptop  – please make sure you are on the WDM-STAFF wireless network

2. Go to Windows Orb (what used to be START button in the bottom left). In small run window at the bottom, type   \\PS-3\

3. If you are prompted for your username and password – make sure you use   domain/username for the username,  in other words:    wdmschools\username    where username is the part of your email address in front of .  Password is just your regular computer log on password.

4.  After logging in, it will show you to available printers…   Please right click on COPIER and select CONNECT.   This will install the print option on your laptop.

Q2.  I also see a COLOR COPIER listed, can I connect to that as well – what is the difference?
A2.  Yes, you can connect to the COLOR COPIER as well.   The COPIER print queue is only Black & White – however, it allows you to pick up your printing from any copier in the district, at any school.  Connecting to the COLOR COPIER will only allow you to print to a color copier at the LRC.

Q3.   Can I print from home?
Technically, yes, it is available from home  if you have vpn connected first.  However, there are a few limits to this…

1) If you send to the copier, it must be printed before midnight, or the copier will automatically delete it.  Since there is only one print queue that handles all copier printing across the district, left over items are cleared out each night at midnight.  NOTE: the reason there is only one print queue for everyone:  this is what enables you to print once and pick it up from any printer.  If each copier has its own queue, then you are required to use only one specific copier.

2) If you print something from home and expect someone else to obtain it from the copier – that IS NOT going to work, because only your security badge will release your print jobs.

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