Fixing your K: and S: drive on your teacher laptop

Q1.  I took the teacher laptop course this past spring, but now I’ve lost connection to the K: and S: drives?  How do I fix this?
This summer we sent out a notification that the K: and S: drives moved to new servers, here’s a copy of that message that contains directions for remapping the K: and S: drives.

There are two parts to perform in order to remap your drives.

First:  Delete the current drive mappings you have on your laptop for the K: and S: drives.  Click on the Windows Start button, then right-click on Computer.  When the pop-up menu appears, click to highlight Disconnect network drive.  Now all you have to do is select the drive mapping you need to delete.

Second:  find your handout titled Mapping Drives and Printers and follow the steps to reset your K: and S: drive mappings.   Please use the information below to successfully change the new mappings:

K: drive = \\lrc-5\d-common$

S: drive = \\lrc-11\students$

If you are unable to locate your handout, you will also find a modified version here.

Q1. It won’t take my password – it says it is incorrect.. what do I do?
Your password is probably correct – but instead, you’ve probably listed your username incorrectly.  It must be wdmschools\username.

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