Access to the S: Drive (Student Drive)

Where do I access the S: Drive or Student Drive?

There are two website that both lead to the S: drive:

Option 1: (students use their existing user id/password to gain access)

Option 2: (also requires a student id/password to gain access)

What user id/password is used?

Students use their existing id/password that they use to log into the computers at school.  How do parents log in?  They need to ask their student to log in with their id/password.

What is the S: Drive or Student Drive?

The Student Drive, or more commonly called the S: Drive,  is a location on the network where teachers have access to leave documents, assignments for students.  Student have read-only access.  Teachers commonly use the S Drive to leave assignments, notes, templates, or even project examples.

Why is a password required?

As teachers purchase curriculum materials, we’re finding that they want to share them with students via the S: Drive, however, copyright does not permit us to open share purchased materials.  However, they can be shared with students through a password protected site, so we are returning to having the S: drive password protected.

What about parent access – I use it to help my child stay organized? What are my options?

Although parents do not have an id/password for access, we encourage you to talk with your child to gain access to the S: drive.

6 thoughts on “Access to the S: Drive (Student Drive)

    1. wdmtech Post author

      We can certainly take a look… Most of the time teachers are referring to a specific document by name, so we would likely need to at least have the default view by alphabetical order, so that students could easily find the document by name, but we can certainly look for other options.

      Brian Abeling


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