2011 Digital Camera Trainer Application

In addition to the iPad pilot,  West Des Moines Schools is starting a pilot program to explore further intergration of digital cameras into classrooms.   The first round, or Wave1 will consist of one trainer being selected per school.  Each trainer will receive training and 5 Nikon S4100 digital cameras.  Directors in Teaching & Learning Services will be responsible for selecting the trainers by Sept 13th.

Later this fall, an additional opportunity will be available for teachers to join wave 2- which will also provide you with 5 digital cameras – without the requirement of being a trainer /teaching a course to others.

The on-line application for digital camera trainers is located at…


* Applications are due by Sept 11th
* Teaching & Learning Services will select (1) one trainer per school by Sep 13th
* Each trainer will receive 5 digital cameras and training. Training is scheduled for Oct 24th and 25th, 8am to 3:30pm
* Each trainer will be responsible for teaching a future course for other teachers who receive the same digital cameras.

Trainers must…
1) have a teacher laptop or personal laptop available
2) attend 2 days of training on Oct 24th and 25th.
3) provide building level assistance to help other learn to utilize digital cameras in their classrooms.
4) agree to teach a course for other staff members (for which they are paid

Trainers will receive…
1) 5 digital cameras for their classrooms
2) Training related to photo editing, posting photo galleries online, video editing with MovieMaker, and posting videos online.
3) Training related to classroom usage (although trainers should be reminded that the purpose of the project is to allow you to explore/test out classroom integration ideas)

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