iPad and Digital Camera Trainers

The response to the iPad trainer application was outstanding – if not overwhelming.  Each school had multiple applicants and many schools had 6 to 10 total applicants.  After careful consideration from Teaching & Learing Services, the following individuals will serve as iPad trainers…

CL:  Burger, Freeman
CR:  Brown, Jaramillo
CV:  Dey, Orris
FM:  Boik, Olson
HD:  McMains, Dietzenbach
JC: Witt, VerHelst
PH: Brown, Shaffer 
WH: Henderson, Ponsor
WR: Orsini, Kaufman

IH: Ries, Novelli
ST: Bissinger, Krzyckowski

VSW: Brandt, Strohmaier
WCC: Jacobs
VHS: Moore, Perry

Digital Camera Trainers….  Although each building had multiple applicants for the ipad program, most buildings had no applicants for the digital cameras, so seven staff total were selected.

  • Martinez, JC
  • Seiberling, ST
  • Kennedy, ST
  • Talbot, ST
  • Neal, VHS
  • Niffenegger, CR
  • VanTreeck, IH
  • Melodee Grefe, HD
  • Steffen, CL

Q1.  Will a list of who applied be available?
A1.  No.  

Q2. When will the application for the next round be available?
A2.  Early November is our target date for releasing the applications for next round.  Training is targeted to start in Dec/Jan.

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