District plans for moving to Microsoft Office 2010

Q1.  What version of Microsoft Office is currently used?
A1.  Most schools are using Office 2007, however, all new teacher laptops and machines that were just deployed to Crossroads Park all have Office 2010.

Q2.  When do other schools receive Office 2010?
A2.  As each school receives new computers – they will also receive updated software including Microsoft Office 2010.  Starting in Oct, we will start rolling out new machines to the schools with the oldest computers.  This will include: IH, VSW, WCC, CV, WH, WR, and the LRC 

Q3.  Our school is not receiving new computers this year…  will we have to wait for new machines? 
A3.   Once we are finished deploying the new machines, (estimated to be several months), then we will offer the other schools the opportunity to work with us on a roll out and training plan – and we will then upgrade their machines Office 2010. 

Q4.  So we will have a choice to get Office 2010 per building – but will we have a choice to get Windows 7?
A4. No.  Windows 7 is only available on new machines that are deployed. 

Q5.  I’ve heard that new laptops are on their way out to the schools –  is this true?  If so, what software will they have on them?
A5.  Yes, it is true that new student laptops and carts are heading out to the schools across the next few months.  All new laptops and desktops deployed will have Windows 7 and Office 2010 –  including the new student laptops/carts.


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