Student Email Accounts

Q1. What is the status of the student email accounts? are they ready to use? 
A1.  Student email accounts are ready to use…  If you are interested in having students (grade 4 thru 12) use individual email accounts,  please send a note to Brian Abeling, he will connect you with directions and considerations for using student email.

Q2. Why not just post the directions for everyone? 
A2.  We will be doing this – but not right away.  We think its wise to expand access over time – specifically to those that need/want student email accounts.

Q3.  Why are student email accounts needed?
A3.  This is a great question…   The original intention was that many websites and software packages (including Moodle) were requiring a student email account.  However, over the last six months, we’ve seen sites shift away from requiring student email.  Moodle no longer requires it,  Edmodo doesn’t require it, and even many student blogging sites no longer need it.

Q4.  If these site no longer require it, then why don’t we just dump all the student email accounts and stop?
A4.  There are still some classes that have expressed interest – and if its worthwhile for them, we are willing to provide them.  Another factor is that Microsoft is now providing FREE online versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel within their online email – which means students can edit documents from home without purchasing Microsoft Office.  Students also get 25Gb of free online storage so they can take files back and forth from home to school.

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