Preview of Oct 10th Professional Development for elementary staff

Oct 10th, 2011 is a professional development day for West Des Moines Schools.  During the afternoon, 1pm to 4pm, staff from most of our elementary schools will have the opportunity to participate in a mini-conference called TechnologEEI.

Download a printable version of the schedule

Why is the event called TechnologEEI?
The mini-conference is focused on technologies that related to best instructional practices or EEI (Essentials of Effective Instruction). Each presentation is no longer than 40 minutes and teachers get to self-select which sessions they attend.


Handouts / References for Elementary Sessions…..

Edmodo, presented by Ted Van Deventer

Dragon Dictation, presented by Brian Abeling

Flat Classroom Project, presented by Carrie Jacobs

Lumens Document Camera, presented by Jackie Neuberger

Creating a Classroom Blog, presented by Carrie Jacobs
Document:, presented by Keith Wise

Creating and Using Wikipages, presented by Jeff VerHelst

TweenTribune, presented by Rachel Aherns

Infinite Campus Messenger, presented by Julie Martinez

What’s new in HEART?, presented by Mariann Culver

Symbaloo & Answer Garden, presented by Ann Reynolds

Animoto, presented by Lydna Niffenegger

Using PowerPoints for simulations, presented by Lynda Niffenegger
Using Powerpoint for simulations – outline:
Using Powerpoint for simulations:

K-2 iPads Applications, presented by Brooke Dey and Michelle Dodd

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