Planned Internet Outage, late afternoon Oct 19th

There will be short, sporadic internet outages, late in the afternoon, after school is out of session, on Wed. Oct 19th.

1. Why?
We are in the process of switching between our current primary provider (State of Iowa) and our current secondary provider (netINS).

2. Are we dropping one provider and switching to another?
We aren’t dropping either service provider, we are simply switching them around… netINS will become our primary provider instead of ICN/State of Iowa.

3. Why does this need to be done?
In terms of outages/reliability, it makes more sense to have your primary provider be the one that has the most reliability and least amount of outages.  For us, that would netINS, so it’s in our best interest to make this switch.

4. How long will the outage be?
Instead of one long outage, there will actually be several shorter outages as we reconfigure our equipment to move netINS into the primary position.

5. What services will be impacted?
Just internet services… anything that involves browsing the web.

6. If I’m at school- will I not be able to use the computers at all?
If you are at school, you will be able to continue to use the computers – you’ll be able to log in, get to your network drives, print, etc…  However, any services that require internet will be impacted (visiting google, IFAS, etc)

7. When it’s finished – will we have more bandwidth? will it be faster?
Switching the two providers around will not add any bandwidth or increase any speeds – its sole purpose is to move the provider with the best reliability into the primary position.

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