Replacing Discovery Education Streaming…

For the last five years, the State/AEA’s have provided schools with free access to Discovery Education Streaming (DE Streaming).   This resource has been used by WDM staff members, as it provides access to thousands of short as well as full length videos that are categorized by content and grade level.    Late last spring, we were notified by the state that DE Streaming’s price had increased significantly and the service would be ending.

Considering that the service was dropped at the end of school year, this left us with very little time to evaluate other options.  We decided to purchase one additional year of DE Streaming (this school year) and then we would use this year to evaluate other options.
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The option that has our attention right now is… Safari Montage.

Q1.  Why not just stay with DE Streaming?
A1.   First, concerns about additional future prices increases.  Second, we have a growing list of additional needs related to the storage and playback of other video content.  

Q2.  Are you saying that we ARE buying Safari Montage?
A2. No.  We have made NO purchases, we are only announcing that they are the leading candidate at this time and we are in conversations with them about running a pre-purchase pilot to determine if it will meet our needs.

 Q3.  How is Safari Montage comparable to DE Streaming?

1. It provides thousands of short and full length video clips sorted by content area and grade.  Unfortunately, the videos are NOT exactly the same – but the volume of content is comparable.

2. They both allow users to create bookmarks/playlists to keep track of which videos correlate to your specific classroom needs.

Q4. What are the additional features that would be available if we went with Safari Montage?
1.Ability to integrate with our existing network accounts.  This means you could use your existing network user name/password.  In fact, it also means that students would also use their existing accounts – which makes it easier for staff and students to use and loginto the product.  

2. Ability for each user to STORE THEIR OWN videos on the system.  For example, if a student produced a video as part of project, it could be loaded to the system to be shared with other users.  It’s likely that the staff would also share videos for professional development purposes.

3. Ability to share videos with the public.  If desired, our own content could be marked for public access – meaning that the videos would be available to parents and community members.

4. Ability to redirect online streaming content.  Example:  Last year, the Decorah Eagle web cam was very popular. In fact, so popular that we couldn’t get anything else done because all of our bandwidth was used up watching the eagles.  They would help us re-direct the eagle stream to a local, internal online channel – so users could still watch the eagle through safari montage and then we could block the actual website so that internet bandwidth would be preserved for other uses.

5. Ability to stream live TV channels to help those classrooms who need the ability to display TV through their classroom projectors.

Again, at this time – we have purchased NOTHING.  We are simply evaluating options.  Our questions for you….

Do you see value in testing/piloting this type of system?  

How might you benefit from these capabilities?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments fields below…

4 thoughts on “Replacing Discovery Education Streaming…

  1. juliecache

    I’ve used DE Streaming off and on since I knew that we could access it. Does this mean service ends in June 2012 or will it cover summer?

    1. wdmtech Post author

      Yes, June 2012 we will lose access to DE streaming. Of course, there is a remote chance that we could continue to purchase DE streaming on our own – but I will admit that I think this chance is very slim…. because competing products offer more than just video content
      – Brian Abeling

  2. Sara Krzyczkowski

    DE Streaming allows for closed captioning for our hearing impaired students – will Montage do the same?


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