I need an iPad by 2pm on Wednesday!

My son got his few seconds of fame today when the new School Administrator magazine came out….

– Brian Abeling, WDM Schools



Salesman in the Making

For his 8th-grade English class, Brian Abeling’s son Wil had to write a persuasive paper. He wrote “Why iPads should replace textbooks.”

After he turned in the paper, the teacher offered Wil extra credit if he would start a correspondence with a person related to the topic.  Abeing, who is the director of technology in the West Des Moines, Iowa, Community Schools, picks up the story: “He decided to e-mail my boss,  the superintendent.  The superintendent responded, asking Wil to bring his iPad to him on Wednesday at 2pm to provide a demonstration.

“My son came home very excited that evening.  ‘Dad, we have to go to the Apple Store – right now! You have to buy me an iPad before Wednesday at 2pm, so I can show it to your boss.”




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