When are the next rounds of iPads available?

In prior posts, we discussed our district’s pilot program related to iPads (http://wp.me/p1JF02-2R and http://wp.me/p1JF02-3O).    Now, it’s time to discuss the next upcoming round…

Q1. How many classrooms will be able to receive iPads in the next round?
70 total classrooms will be selected.

Q2. When will the online application be available?
A2.  Just prior to Thanksgiving.

Q3. When will the actual training be scheduled?
A3.  Specific training dates/time will be posted in the application.  The training will be outside of school time, during evenings and/or weekends, as it will be a regular staff development course taught by one of the prior iPad trainers. Participants will have multiple dates/times to select from – but your selection must be made at the time you submit your application.

Q4. Why only 70? I thought we were going to deploy them to all classrooms, like the teacher laptop program?
A4.  We have never announced that iPads would be deployed to all 600+ classrooms.  We are not deploying iPads to everyone – we are simply exploring with iPads, so that we can determine where our best need/usage/return is for this specific device.  We are limited to 70 classrooms due to funding.

Q5. If there’s only 70 more classrooms to receive iPads this year – what is the plan for next year?
A5. At this time, there is no plan for next year –  we need time to observe and learn from the places that have already started using iPads before we identify future rounds.

Q6.  Who decides who the 70 are?
A6. First, teachers must apply… then the applications will be reviewed and final selections will be made by the Teaching & Learning Services (TLS, district curriculum directors). 

Q7. What are they looking for out of applicants for the next round?
A7.  The most significant factor that TLS is looking for is your ability to demonstrate that you currently use small group instruction to provide differeniation for students.  

Q8.  Earlier applicants were responsible for conducting district training courses on the iPad… what responsibilities will the applicants have for this round?
A8. This round will not be responsible for conducting district training courses –  however, they will be responsible for providing technical support to future iPad users, as well as conducting sharing sessions with other staff at your school.

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