Iowa Campus Interchange: Nov 11th @ WDM Schools

On Friday, Nov 11th, 2011,  West Des Moines Schools hosted the annual Iowa  Campus Interchange, a mini-conference for Iowa schools using Infinite Campus.  This year’s event is focused specifically for Campus system administrators and school office staff.

Sessions included….

9:30am:  eTranscripts, from Carla Schimelfenig, Iowa Dept of Education

10:30am: Ad-Hoc Reporting Changes: What’s new in ad-hoc reporting
Handouts: Ad Hoc Reporting

10:30am: FRAM:  Free and Reduced Lunch Application module

1pm: Custom Tabs:  Various Iowa districts sharing the custom tabs that they have built and used.

1pm:  Behavior: What’s new in the latest version of behavior section?
Handouts: Behavior Presentation

1pm: ShoutPoint Demo:  Learn how Shoutpoint can be used for emergency notifications

2pm: Fees:  What’s new in Fees area of Campus.
Handouts: Fees Presentation

2pm: PLP:  Personalized Learning Plans:  See how Ames Schools is using the PLP area of Campus
Handouts: PLP Presentation   Documents from Ames:  PLP_Elem_Portal_ReportPLP_Gr6_Teacher_Input, PLP_Gr6_Portal_Report,

2pm: Tableau Demo:  See how Tableau can used to create visualizations of your student data!

3pm: Census:  See the new changes in the Census section of Campus
Handouts: Census Presentation

3pm: Messenger:  Using Campus to communicate with parents and students
Handouts: Messenger Presentation

3pm: Data Health Check Demo:  Learn how Data Health Check can help identify missing and incorrect data to help ensure data quality.

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