eRate services for 12-13 school year

Yes, it sounds crazy… but this is the time of year that we start preparing for telecommunications services for the 12-13 school year.  During the next two months, West Des Moines Schools is taking bids/quotes on the following services for next school year.

Why are we bidding so soon for services that don’t start until next July?
Federal eRate requirements dictate that services be bid from Nov thru Jan, 6 months prior to service starting.

Why are these services posted here?
We need to post our services on-line to make them available to vendors who interested in providing quotes.

Here’s the services that we are seeking….

Internet Access:  Seeking 100Mb internet connectivity, including either flat 100Mb or burstable services, Internet Services for WDM Schools

VOIP Lines:  31 interconnected voip lines for use with emergency notification system with our student management system. voip services WDM Schools

PRI and DID services:  3 PRIs lines to provide dial tone to district PBX system, along with 2,800 DIDs for providing 7 digit numbers directly to each classroom. PRI DID services for WDM Schools

Long Distance services:  Long distance services are restricted on all PRI lines, but PIN numbers can be used to access long distance services.  long distance services for WDM Schools

Local Phone services:  At each physical location, a few 1FBs and centrex lines are used for emergency backups, elevators, fire alarms, etc.  local phone services WDM Schools

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