10 questions that can be answered with the Infinite Campus mobile app.

The iPhone/iPad mobile app for Infinite Campus was recently launched (see directions).  It provides students and parents with an additional tool to monitor student progress. Over the past few weeks, we’d heard lots of positive comments from parents and students, including the following….

10 questions that can be answered with Infinite Campus mobile app…….

Q1. Do I have PE today or not?
A.  After a long weekend, sometimes we just can’t remember if it’s a PE day or not.  In the mobile app, click on the DAILY PLANNER, select the day in question and you can see the exact schedule for that day.   Hopefully, future versions will have a “teleport” option to automatically send their PE clothes home, so they can be washed more than once a year… but for now, this will have to do.  The DAILY PLANNER could also be used to determine if you have band and need to bring your instrument to school. 

Q2. Where can I find the teacher’s email address?
A.  Select DAILY PLANNER, click on the course in question – and it provides details about the course, including the teachers email address.

Q3. Where can I see all of my grades on one simple screen?
A.  This is one of the most frequent requests (ah… complaint) about the campus web interface –  and it is now available with in mobile app by selecting the GRADES button to see the current grades for all courses on a single screen.

Q4. Where can I see a complete list of all current assignments?
A. Click on ASSIGNMENTS and it displays a complete list of all assignments in order by date.  There’s also a filter option, so you can select assignments for just certain courses.

Q5. What class does your child miss the most?
A. Are you ever curious to see if your child is missing a certain class more than others?  Click on ATTENDANCE, which displays exactly how many absences have occurred for each course.  Select a course and it displays exactly which dates were missed.

Q6. Where can I see all information about one course on one screen?
A. Select DAILY PLANNER and then a course.  It displays a wide variety of information about the course including teacher contract information, assignments, current grades, and attendance records.

Q7. Where can I see both schedules in one place?  For example, I’d like to see both the black and orange day schedules at once?
A. Click on SCHEDULES and it displays all schedules for your child, including any alternating day schedules.

Q8. What time does a certain class/period begin?
A.  Has your child ever told you – pick me up at the end of 6th period?  Of course, 6th period doesn’t mean anything to you.  How can you tell what time each course starts?  Click on DAILY PLANNER, make sure you are on the correct day, and it not only displays that days schedule – but also lists the exact start time of each class. This feature is also helpful for planning a doctors appointment – for example, you might want to ensure that your child doesn’t miss math on that day, so having the class times help you plan better.

Q9.  How can I get notifications/automatic updates – so that I don’t have to keep logging in each day?
A. Click on SETTINGS and turn on NOTIFICATIONS.  You can then select notifications for Assignments, Grade, or Attendance.

Q 10. I’m suppose to meet the teacher after school in the classroom – where can I find out the room number is?
A. Click on DAILY PLANNER, it displays the classroom number right next to each course.

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