Going paperless with pay stubs

West Des Moines Schools has now transitioned to paperless pay stubs for certfied staff.  Printed pay stubs are no longer available for certified staff – however, we now have access to an online component of our financial software known as Employee Online, which provides access to…

1) District-wide Employee Directory (including viewing your current information that is on file with the district)

2) View Direct Deposit information that is on file with the district

3) View current deferred compensation information that is on file.

4) Access current and any previous pay stubs

5) Access current tax information, including number of tax exemptions

6) What if calculator:  This on-line calculator allows you to play the what if game…  what if I changed by number of exemtptions? Type in the change, and it will show you what your new pay stub will look like.

7) W2 forms will be available online

8 ) Access to all current tuition reimbursements, professional development courses that have been completed, and training/certifications that are on file with the district.

9) Listing of current insurance and benefits assign to your employment.

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