How to log into Safari Montage….

WDMCS Staff…

A reminder:   West Des Moines Schools is piloting of Safari Montage until Jan 14th, 2012.  If you were a previous user of Discovery Education Streaming (DE Streaming), we’d certainly like your feedback as we evaluate Safari Montage as a possible replacement for DE Streaming.

Full step by step directions for accessing Safari Montage (pdf document)

Here’s the short version….

1. At school, open a web browser and type    safari    in the address bar.  (no http: or www needed, just safari)

2.  At the log in page, you’ll most likely need to install the Safari Montage plugin.

3. Log in with your existing network userid and password.

4. Use the search or browse option to find videos related to your needs.


Q1. Can we use this with classes during the testing?
A1. Yes…

Q2.  Who do I provide feedback to?
A2. Send feedback directly to Brian Abeling.  We’ll also be doing a survey in Jan with those who have used the system.

Q3. Where can I find a list of the full set of features available in Safari Montage?

One thought on “How to log into Safari Montage….

  1. Megan Thomsen

    Safari seems to be just as user-friendly as Discovery Education. It also seems to have an extensive library, which is helpful for all teachers.


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