What is the status of the iPad classroom applications?

Q1. What is the status?
A1.  134 applications have been received. Curriculum Directors are reviewing the applications now.  Of the applications, some provided references, lesson plans, student products and even classroom videos!

Q2. When will the selections be finalized?
A2. By the end of the day on Wed, Dec 21st

Q3. How many slots are available?
A3. District Technology is providing 70 spots (each classroom would receive 3 iPads, so that’s 70 times 3, or 210 total

Q4. Does this mean that only 70 teachers will be selected?
A4.  70 is the minimum that will be selected, as we are anticipating that some curricular areas, schools, and even parent groups will be adding the list, hopefully bringing the total higher than 70.

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