Course rosters for upcoming iPad classes!

 Between Nov 21st and Dec 9th, West Des Moines Schools accepted teacher applications (  for piloting 3 iPads in their classroom.  134 applications were received for the 70 available spots.  We also invited schools, parent groups and curricular areas to use additional resources to increase our number of selections.

Here are the rosters for the 7 upcoming iPad courses in Jan…

Section 1
Instructor:     Brooke Dey and Julie Orris
Location:       Crestview Elementary, Room 1225      

Friday, January 20,  4:00 – 10:00
& Saturday, January 21, 8:00 – 5:00
Ballard, Pam HD
Buising, Susan WH
Campbell, Kristen WR
Ceasar, Marisa WR
Clark, Lisa JC
Dornacker, Patty WR
Foley, Nancy WR
Healy, Susan JC
Hoover, Katie JC
Keeler, Kristy WR
Olson, Shana CL
Reif, Brant VA
Rothfus, Cari CL
Selzer, Nicole CL
Weber, Brady ST
Woodke, Kayla HD

Section 2
Instructor:     Pete Bissinger 
Location:       Stilwell Junior High, Room 233     

Friday, January 27 4:00 – 10:00
Saturday, January 28 8:00 – 5:00
Blobaum, Denise IH
Card, Judy JC
Cochran, Dave VA
Costello, Sara CV
Garland, Kirsten CV
Hall, Wes IH
Nidey, Adam CV
Panos, Jackie CL
Rasko, Don IH
Samuelson, Barb HD
Sinram, Zac SW
Wells, Jennifer IH
Zenti, Tammy

Hephner, Emily  


Section 3
Instructor:     Stephany Henderson and Julie Kaufman       
Location:       Westridge Elementary Media Center    

Saturday, January 28 8:00 – 3:30
Sunday, January 29 8:00 – 3:30
Barkela, Kelly WH
Bohn, Shelley WR
Boyle, Sue VA
Brase, Carol CR
Cawthorn, Kris PH
Cooper, Sarah HD
McCulley, Kelly CL
Miller, Justin IH
Peters, Andrea JC
Rayner, Micah CL
Samuelson, Sue FM
Smith, Christina CR
Sobotka, Lisa SW
Zahrt, Misty CL
Zimmer, Heidi PH



Section 4
Instructor:    Jeff VerHelst
Location:       Jordan Creek Elementary, Room 605      

Wednesday, January 11    3:45 – 8:45 
Monday, January 16   4:00 – 9:00Wednesday, January 18  3:45 – 8:45
Bird, Sarah VA
Cox, Sharon CR
Eichhorn, Ashley IH
Fancher, Katy CR
Hargens, Brandon CR
Johnson, Shannon VA
Keenan, Mackenzie JC
Oetken, Heather WH
Steffen, Maria CL
Tucker, Meggie CR
Twit, Felicia WH
VanTreeck, Ann IH
Speichinger, Nathan                  VA
Quandt, Hannah          VA
Pedersen, Marc          VA

Section 5
Instructor:     Paula Olson and Annie Orsini   
Location:       Fairmeadows Elementary Media Center

Wednesday, January 11  3:45 – 8:45
Wednesday, January 18 3:45 – 8:45
 Wednesday, January 25  3:45 – 8:45
Farmer, Stephanie CL
Finer, Ashley CL
Bishop, Susan CR
Tasler, Lisa CR
Dodd, Michelle CV
Harlan, Melissa CV
Dirks, Michelle HD
Hirsch, Sheila HD
Kenworthy, Pam HD
Motsenbocker, Lindsey HD
Law, Lindsay HD
Hoyt, Beth IH
DeZorzi, Gail JC
Erbes, Debbie JC
Bruening, Jessica WR
Limback, Kendra WR
Robbins, Jill WR


Section 6
Instructor:     Scott Brown and Erica Jaramillo 
Location:       Crossroads Park Elementary Media Center

Wednesday, January 11  3:45 – 8:45
 Wednesday, January 18 3:45 – 8:45 
Wednesday, January 25  3:45 – 8:45
Bahe, Christine JC
Bratkiewicz, Mallory JC
Gilmore, Holly HD
Gress, Melissa IH
Hunt, Erin HD
Johnson, Mary PH
Kleve, Lori HD
McConnell, Cheryl ST
Miller, Joan FM
Nichols, Mackenzie CL
Overlin, Jas IH
Smith, Jody FM
Weih, Chris JC
Wilson, Josh HD
Wright, Vicki CR

Section 7
Instructor:     Natalie Ries and Jessica Novelli 
Location:       Indian Hills Junior High, Room 1246       

Wednesday, January 18  3:45 – 8:45 
Monday, January 23 4:30 – 9:30
 Wednesday, January 25  3:45 – 8:45
DeMicco, Julie ST
George, Jessica PH
Richardson, Celeste ST
Hinton, Lori VA
Hoover, Nic CL
Kraus, Pat ST
Martinez, Julie JC
McLain, Karen JC
Messer, Crys CL
Meyer, Matt JC

Q1. Will the name of everyone who applied be published?
A1. No.

Q2. Is this course available for staff dev credit? or Drake credit?
A2. Yes, it is available for both staff dev credit and/or Drake credit.

Q3. Will there be another round in the spring?
A3.   This round completes our available funding from the district technology budget, so the district will not have any additional rounds this school year.  However, we are working with schools and parent groups, encouraging them to assist with the effort to provide additional iPads for classrooms. 

Q4. I know someone who didn’t get accepted, and they still REALLY want to try iPads in their classroom, what do I tell them?
A4.  Encourage them to  speak to their building principal to make sure they are aware (as they may not have been aware that they even applied).  Should your building or parent groups help assist with getting additional iPads,  it would be helpful to make sure the principal is aware of their  interests.

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