Is Moodle Dead? Will Edmodo take over?

I recently received this question from our staff:

Brian, you’ve been promoting Edmodo a lot recently.  Is the district moving to Edmodo and phasing out Moodle?  Why don’t we standardize on one platform that everyone uses?

Short answer:  Moodle is staying,  Edmodo is staying… teachers will have the option to decide on the best tool(s) for their needs.  Over time, students and teachers will vote with their feet, errr…  clicks.

The rest of the story……………………

1) It seems you’ve been promoting Edmodo a lot lately…
Response:  This is correct, we ran two recent articles on Edmodo…  How Edmodo is used at Crossroads Park   and how Shannon Johnson used Edmodo for a classroom discussion.  However, what’s important is that the information for both articles came from the teachers and students.  They were geniunely excited about their experience with Edmodo and choose to write about it.  On the other hand, we’ve had Moodle in the district for at least 4 years – and it’s been a long time since I’ve received anything even close to the feedback we are seeing related to Edmodo.

In fact, our district conducts annual technology satisfaction surveys with our students.  Over the past two years, one of the questions focuses specifically on Moodle. We ask them how they feel about the following statement:

“I wish more of my classes used Moodle.”  Options for responding include: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, or I don’t know/never used Moodle.  We then sum the strongly agree and agree percentages to arrive at an approval rating.

  • In the spring of 2010, 25% of students wished that more classes used Moodle.
  • In the spring of 2011, 23%  of students wished that more classes used Moodle.

Unfortunately, students have given our moodle usage the lowest approval rating of all questions asked on the survey.. for two years running.

Why is this?  Here’s my guess.. Our predominate usage of Moodle is online quizzes and posting of documents.  In comparison, Edmodo’s primary usage so far appears to be online discussions and assignment submissions. Moodle clearly can be used for online discussions – but it just seems that we aren’t using it for that purpose or that Edmodo is just easier for driving online conversations.

2) Are we as a district moving to Edmodo?
Response: As a district, we are always looking for options that meet the needs of our students and teachers…  but this doesn’t mean that we are ever going to force classrooms to you use either Moodle or Edmodo.

3) Are we phasing out Moodle?  Is Moodle dead?
No… Moodle is not dead.  We might have some work ahead of us to related to how we use it, but Moodle will remain an option.

4) Why don’t we standardize on a single platform… wouldn’t that better for parents/students?
Response: At first glance, standardizing on a single platform does appear more uniform for everyone… but I don’t agree that this is truly best for everyone.  Nor is this realistic or possible.   Considering how many free web 2.0 resources are available to classrooms – it doesn’t seem possible or ideal to standardize.  If the tools each provide different features – then both might be needed.  And if over time they appear to be more and more identical… then I’m an advocate for letting teachers and students vote with their feet… er…  clicks, if you will.

4 thoughts on “Is Moodle Dead? Will Edmodo take over?

  1. Layne

    Great Article Brian,
    In Sioux City, moodle is dead and Edmodo is becoming “mayor” if you will. We dumped our moodle server a few months ago and are using our Gradebook’s instruction portal as part of our online course managemen. Edmodo along with features in microsoft live are being used for classroom discussions, chat’s and other needed features.
    I agree with your idea of giving options to classroom teachers for what fits their needs. When it comes to web 2.0, standardization is not the goal!

  2. Mary Ferbrache

    Thanks for the great article! What about Schoolology? Is that better or the same as Edmodo? We are just now getting into the mode in our school.


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