WDM Adminstrators making commitment to increase visibility in classrooms.

The West Des Moines Community Schools administrative members are making a commitment to increase their visibility in classrooms through structured walk-throughs.  A walk-through is a 5 to 10 minute classroom observation.  The administrative team will be spending the next several months fine tuning the walk-through form as well as receiving training for using eWalk software for recording observations.

Q1. What does the walk-through form look like? Who created it?
A1. A team of building administrators is preparing a draft of the walk-through form, which will be based on the core components of Essential of Effective Instruction (EEI). 

Q2. What type of format will the walk-through template be?  Checklist only?  Written feedback? 
A2.  It will contain both a checklist and an open ended written feedback. 

Q3. When will be a copy of the walk-through form be available to staff?
A3.  It should be available in the next few weeks – and we’ll post in online for everyone to see.  

Q4. If administrators are only in the classroom for 5 to 10 minutes. how are they recording this information?
A4. Administrators will be using the eWalk app on an iPad to record their observations.

Q5. As a teacher, what type of feedback will I get?
A5. Teachers will receive a copy of the form with feedback via email.

Q6. Why was the eWalk software selected?

  1. In combination with the iPad, we felt it provided the easiest method for recording the walk-throughs.
  2. The ability to easily compile the walk-through usage and trends
  3. The ability to easily provide walk-through feedback to the teacher.

Q7. Is this required for all building administrators or is this optional?
A7. It is required for all building administrators.  This winter/spring, the expectation is to receive training on eWalk software, refine the walk-through form, and begin to practice using the instrument.  The expectation for full deployment and usage is next fall.

Q8. If the desire is to increase classroom visibility…  can/will we measure how frequently the walk-throughs happen?
A8. Yes, eWalk software will allow us to measure the frequency of the walk-throughs.

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