Safari Montage pilot completed… Now what?

As mentioned in previous posts (,  Safari Montage was installed for a pilot run that lasted through Jan 14th.   Knowing that access to Discovery Streaming is going away on June 30th, what should our next step be?

If we proceed with purchasing Safari Montage, what is the exact plan? What features are we buying and what features would we leave for future development?

If we proceed now, we would take quotes for….

  1. Video Content, including  K-8 and 9-12 content and Cyber-Science 3D Models
  2. Ability to stream 9 video sources (we’ll assign 8 of them to the most popular educational TV channels and then assign the last channel to the Decorah Eagle cam)
  3. Ability for the district to upload content to would be available to teachers/students.

Options that we would review at a later date….

  • Ability for teachers to upload their own content.
  • Ability for teachers to set up recording of  TV stations, including a TV guide like option
  • Ability to add more TV channels

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