Do we really need to teach keyboarding in elementary schools?

We’re finding that our current version of Type to Learn is not functioning properly because it’s not fully compatible with Windows 7. Type to Learn has been used for many years, predominately in grades 3 thru 6 for keyboard instruction. Now that the problem has arisen, here are some of the options/recommendations that we’ve received from staff…

Option #1) Just buy the new Windows 7 version of Type of Learn, install it, and let’s move on!

Option #2) Seriously, do we really need to teach keyboarding anymore? It’s not necessary, let’s stop.

Option #3) Yes, we need to teach keyboarding, but we don’t need to buy any software… just use the many free on-line options like Dance Mat Typing.

Option #4) Get a small group of teachers together (perhaps 3rd and 4th grade since it affects them most) and review our options before deciding. Holding this review would allow us to review what the expectations are for each grade level.

Our district curriculum directors have discussed the topic and we are going to proceed with option #4 – to put together a team of teachers to review our options. If you’d like to join this team… please contact Jackie Neuberger,

2 thoughts on “Do we really need to teach keyboarding in elementary schools?

  1. hudsonk

    I’m not an elementary teacher, so I feel that they need to decide this, but I also believe that if student’s aren’t taught to type properly they’ll have a tough time once they reach the upper grades, as papers are now done typed almost all the time. I still have a few students (10th and 11th graders) that cannot type properly and hunt and peck. Just a few “cents” worth!

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Your feedback is still very important… and we’re glad you took the time to respond. We will continue with keyboarding at elementary – its just an issue of how and what the expectations will be.


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