2011 printing comparisons for WDM Schools

Last year, we published “The Biggest Loser: paper edition” showing which schools were reducing their printing expenses at our district print shop.  Over a two year period, schools were saving a minimum of 25%, while some reduced as much as 75%.  However, this was only looking at our district print shop.  This year, we’ve monitored all printing devices to help us get a more complete picture….

Q1. Which school prints the least amount of pages per child per semester?

Printed pages/child per semester
1  Fairmeadows Elementary            916
2  Westridge Elementary        1,043
3  Phenix Early Childhood Center        1,057
4  Jordan Creek Elementary        1,127
5  Crossroads Park Elementary        1,289
6  Crestview Elementary        1,368
7  Hillside Elementary        1,547
8  Clive Elementary        1,726
9  Western Hills Elementary        1,766
10  Valley High School        1,782
11  Valley Southwoods Freshman High School        2,163
12  Walnut Creek Campus (Alt HS)        2,503
13  Stilwell Junior High        2,511
14  Indian Hills Junior High        2,661

Q2. How was this calculated?
All of the stats are from the same time period, July 1, 2011 to Dec 31, 2011.  Pages printed per child per semeter = # pages from print shop  + # pages from building copiers + # pages from buiding printers / # students enrolled.  Download the full stats for pages per student.

Q3. Which school spends the least on printing per child?

Cost/Student per semester
1  Fairmeadows Elementary $6.99
2  Jordan Creek Elementary $7.37
3  Westridge Elementary $8.11
4  Phenix Early Childhood $8.88
5  Crestview Elementary $9.50
6  Western Hills Elementary $11.45
7  Clive Elementary $11.90
8  Hillside Elementary $12.16
9  Crossroads Park Elementary $13.42
10  Valley High School $14.38
11  Stilwell Junior High $16.38
12  Indian Hills Junior High $17.08
13  Valley Southwoods Freshman High $17.47
14  Walnut Creek Campus (Alt HS) $22.56

Q4. How are $ per student per semester calculated?
All stats are from the same time period: July 1, 2011 to Dec 31, 2011.  $ spent per student =  $ spent at print shop + $ spent at copiers + $ spent at building printers / # students enrolled.  Download the full stats for cost per student.

Q5.  Why are the rankings different for each comparison?  Why aren’t they the same?
The average printing cost is different at each device (print shop vs copier vs building printers).  Some schools print more economically than others, depending on where they choose to print.  On average, a single printed sheet at the print shop is 1/2 cent.  The building copier cost is 1 cent – and at the building printer, the cost is at or over  3 cents per page.  Another factor is color, as that ranges from 5 to 10 cents per page and the usage also varies from school to school.

Q6. So what’s the purpose of all this?
The purpose is to give us a view of how we are doing in regards to printing.  If we provide your school with only your stats, then you have no basis for knowing how it compares – so we’ve included everyones stats.  We’ll run the stats again next fall and compare to the same timeframe to see how we are progressing.

Q7.  Hold on…. what about the district office (LRC) and operations? Where are their numbers?
They are available at the bottom of  the full stats for pages per student and cost per student… they were not included in the charts, since we can’t divide their cost by number of children enrolled.

2 thoughts on “2011 printing comparisons for WDM Schools

  1. Brian Abeling Post author

    Comment received: These comparisons are TOTALLY unfair to the secondary schools! Our students are expected to do more projects, more writing – and older students tend to print more items accidently and that skews the numbers.

    Brian’s Response: For me, it doesn’t matter if its printed accidently or not, once its printed, it costs money. I believe folks expect secondary schools to print more. Since schools pay for their own printing, it’s up to your school to decide if these numbers bother you or not. The big picture is that we need to keep track and monitor these over time, otherwise, you have no ability to know where you stand.

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