Digital Camera Course to be offered…

We’re ready to offer our next round of digital camera courses…

Here’s what has been offered so far:

Step 1) Last Nov, we took applicants for building level digital camera trainers –this training has been completed.

Step 2) We provided a set (which is 5 cameras and supplies) to each school media center.  We also provided training to each Teacher Librarian. These devices are already available for checkout at each school.  

Our next step is to deploy the rest of the cameras (about 40 sets, with a set being 5) out across the district. They will be distributed across the schools based on both the size of the school as well as factoring in how many sets are already in the school.  Schools will typically be able to get 1 to 4 additional sets.   We’ve decided not to deploy the rest to the media centers for checkout, as we’d prefer to see the cameras deployed through a training program, to assist with making sure they are used more frequently, but yet still available to share between rooms.

Q1.Who decides who gets the cameras?
First, remember the cameras belong to your school and can be used by anyone – but they will be “assigned” to the teacher who takes the training. The decision will be handled by your building principal.  It’s likely that many schools will want to spread them out across certain grade levels, departments or something similar. We understand that this is dependent on who can actually make the training dates – but we thought it was best to leave this decision at the school level.

Q2. If selected, do I have to teach a course to others? (like the trainers did?)

Q3. What are you looking for in applicants?
* can attend one of the courses being offered (15 hr of class time)
* committed to the successful integration of the cameras
* willing to share their knowledge and cameras with their colleagues

Q4. How do I apply?
Contact your building principal.  They have the application form, also ask them when the due date is for your building. The district is asking each building to submit their list of names by March 14th.

Q5. When are the classes being offered?

Option #1:

When: March 21        8:00 – 12:00
March 22        8:00 – 12:00
March 23        8:00 – 12:00
(3 hours will be conducted outside of class)
Where: Learning Resource Center
Credit: 1 Hour License Renewal or Drake Graduate
Course # EDEX 120:820D
Instructor: Katie Seiberling

Option #2:

When: March 29        4:15 – 8:15
April 5             4:15 – 8:15
April 12           4:15 – 8:15
(3 hours will be conducted outside of class)
Where: Learning Resource Center
Credit: 1 Hour License Renewal or Drake Graduate
Course # EDEX 120:820E
Instructor: Jackie Neuberger

A set consists of 5 cameras, SD card, tripods, card readers, and bags.

Q6.  What exactly is in a “set” of cameras?
A quantity of 5 of each of the following….

* Nikon S4100 digital camera (pictured at the top of the article)

* flexible tripods

* SD memory cards (16Gb)

* SD card reader

* Camera bag

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