WDM Teachers: How to find Campus Messenger Records

For WDM Teachers…..

Q: Is there a way to find previously sent Campus Messenger notices? For example, I’d like to verify if a certain student/parent was sent a failing grade notification.

Answer: Yes. First, keep in the mind that failing grades notifications must be manually triggered by the classroom teacher. However, if you have sent out notifications, then yes, Campus does record your most recent notifications.


2) Select the needed notification message/date and then select PRINT SENT MESSAGE REPORT, this will pull up a complete report of notification including a copy of the message and which email addresses the message was sent to.

Question: When I open the report, it shows an email address and the term “SENT”, does this mean the message was received by the person or that it was just sent only?  
Answer:  It means a message was sent to the given email address, Campus is unable to confirm if the message was received as this might be influenced by spam filtering on the other end.

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