WDM Teachers: How to fill-in all assignments as “Turned-in”

For WDM Teachers…

Question:  Is there a way to automatically mark all assignments as “turned-in”?   When I collect a bunch of assignments, it would be easier to mark them all as turned-in, and then go back to unmark just the few that are missing.  Is there a way to do this?

Answer:  Yes…  it is NOT available within the gradebook, but can be done using the Assignments section.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to Assignments.
  2. In the assignment list, click on the assignment link that you want to score. 
  3. At the top, click on the Save and Score link at the top.  This will bring up a window asking which section you want to score.  You can only do one class at a time. 
  4. It should then look like the screen shot below.   Click on the T and then FILL ALL to fill all students with “turned-in”, and the go back and uncheck those that did not turn in the assignment. 

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