Getting big results with just a few iPads!

Adam Nidey (@MrNidey on twitter), 3rd grade classroom at Crestview Elementary was recently notified that he’ll be presenting at the Nebraska EdTech Conference (NETA) at the end of April.   His presentation is titled,  “Obtaining BIG RESULTS from just a few iPads” and here’s a draft of the opening video clip for the presentation…



Here’s some the key ideas for the presentation….

* The key to getting results from just a few iPads is to create a classroom structure where the teacher can meet with each student in a small group setting EVERY day.  This is accomplished by using small group rotations.

* Small group rotations also enable differentiation that is needed in order to meet the needs of each individual learner.

* We’ll discuss strategies for how to build a rotation schedule that maximizes on task time and flexible groups.

* We’ll cover the specific iPad apps we are using during our rotations, including what roles and tasks students are involved in.

* How to maximize student engagement with a limited number of devices.

* How to use word journals and other techniques to monitor student progress.

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