Don’t unbox the goodies…

This is a complete set of 5 cameras and accessories that each teacher receives in the digital camera course.

I had a chance to confirm again this morning….

Don’t unbox the goodies.


This morning, I sneaked into a Digital Camera course being taught by Katie Seiberling (@MrsSeiberling).   In this course (details at:,  teachers receive a set of 5 digital cameras and various accessories, along with photo and video editing training. 

I absolutely love the moment when the equipment is handed out, as the cameras and accessories are still in their original boxes and packaging.  About a year ago, we choose to leave the items in their packaging and asked the teachers to unbox them instead.  We weren’t really looking to shift the workload to the teachers, but instead, wanted to see how teachers reacted to this move, and again today, we’ve confirmed that it’s a good move. 

The most frequent response is “It feels like Christmas”, which is why we’ve named it the “Christmas Effect”, which I’ve written about before  (

Here’s some other pictures of this mornings Digital Camera class….


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