Using parents as twitter reporters

Our district is encouraging parents and staff to use their personal accounts to tweet about various school events.   Simply include @WDMCS in your tweet and we’ll review and possibly retweet it.  We may also  re-publish your information on Facebook or other channels.  Here’s some specific Q&A’s and examples…

Q. Do I need to sign up or register for this?
A. Absolutely not…  just tweet about your favorite events and include the @WDMCS twitter name.

Q. What types of information and events are you looking for?
A.  Any school related events, highlights, or recognitions. 

Q. Are there any examples of what we SHOULD NOT tweet?
A.  For elementary events that take place outside of school, we do NOT want to advertise them prior to the event.  In other words, our practice is NOT to tell everyone where a group of young children will be at a certain location prior to the event.  Instead, we ask that you tweet during or after elementary events that take place outside of school.

Q. Do you have any examples?


4 thoughts on “Using parents as twitter reporters

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Hi Jim… we choose to use @WDMCS because it was easier to set up notifications for when it’s used, which should enable us to respond faster.

      – Brian

  1. Brent

    This is a great idea Brian! I really like it! Makes total sense for parents to then follow @WDMCS and see the RT’s coming from it or any other great news you want to share from that account. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      You’re right on target… yes, it helps increase followers. We’re also finding that specific examples also help those who are new to twitter, so they can see examples of how others have used it to promote their events, send congratulations, and give other shout outs and wishes.


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