What happens to the iPads when a teacher is transferred?

 The other day, I was asked the following question related to teacher transfers and iPads…

Q. If you are just leaving your grade level to teach somewhere else in the building can you take your iPads? If not, the person taking your place hasn’t had the iPad class do they just get to have them? If your section is being cut and you have to go to another building to teach, do you have to leave your iPads at the school you are teaching at now?

How I responded…
If the district provided your iPads, then they stay with the teacher, because of what you pointed out  – the specific teacher was trained, and it would do no good to give equipment to someone who was not trained.

However, we have run into some situations where the PTA or school purchased the iPads – and they are unwilling to let the devices leave their school because they paid for them with their school funds. Keep in mind that everyone went through the same training – but some teachers iPads were funded by the school or PTA.

The intent from the district is that the iPads stay with the teacher that received the training.  I’m sure that’s how most will end up, but we’ll need to work through each situation one at a time.


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