What our staff thinks of our district technology services…

Each of the past 12 years, we’ve conducted satisfaction surveys with our school district staff.  It’s a relatively short survey, and we’ve used many of the same questions each year. Our goal is to track customer services.  For example, we don’t ask questions related to the latest gadget or gizmo… instead, we focus on fundamental customer service points –  as our belief is that quality customer service will always be needed regardless of the device.

How the survey works:
All staff receive a short on-line survey. Each question is a positive statement such as, “When members of the district technology departments visit my building, they are courteous and treat the staff and students with respect.”   Users are asked to rate the statement as: Strongly Agree,   Agree,  Disagree,  Strongly Disagree, or  I don’t know.

For the summary charts below,  % Strongly Agree + % Agree =  Approval rating (which is the blue bars below).  In other words, we only count if they positively agree with a statement.  If we scored a 90% approval rating, that means 90% of the responses were Strongly Agree or Agree.
For the charts below….
Overall = How we did based on all survey responses
Teachers = How we did based on classroom teacher responses only
Support = How we did based on support staff responses only



Comments from “What are we doing well?”

+ Prompt and effective response to questions and other requests for assistance. Thank you!
+ Always friendly and willing to fix any problem
+ I am very impressed with the speed with which work orders are addressed.

Technicians are great and very competent
+ The technicians are the probably the best example of this. The teachers really appreciate them.

+ LOVE the laptop and iPad initiatives.
+ The addition of iPads has been wonderful for small group instruction.

+ Good pushing out of new technology through the train the trainer model and making people take a class to be able to be independent, trained users.

+ Communication is timely–from workorders to if we are having technology problems in the district, such as internet problems.
+ Fabulous job keeping us updated on tech plans – long term as well as short term.
+ I am impressed with the level of transparency that the technology department has with district employees.
+ I have been with the district 6 years and I see them continuing to improve.
+ Love the updates on real teachers using real technology in their rooms..makes everything seem “doable”



Comments from “What suggestions do you have for improvement?”

+ I know that district funding is, of course, an issue, but 3 ipads is not really enough.
+ More IPADS for a classroom. I could do a lot of differentiation with 5 IPADS.

+ I have heard some teachers concerned that newer tecnhologies (i.e. iPad) are only made available to those who take a class.
+ I don’t understand why the district is offering iPad classes with a limited number of iPads. We are creating inequality among classrooms and buildings. I am very frustrated by this.
+ My concern is that we are creating haves and have nots in access to technology for students. (Ipads)
+ Offer the Apple Ipad to everybody not just a select few.

+ More mini training sessions on specific programs like Edmodo and dropbox.
+ More technology training for secretaries
+ Would be great to see follow up classes to deepen the use once they are out
+ Infinite Campus- feel like we are just scratching the surface.
+ I think perhaps more Wednesday staff development from tech services would help many staff members.
+ We need some more training in our building to tap the full potential of what we can do with technology. We often hear, “We are only scratching the surface”

+ How about 1:1 iPad for students?
+ I would still like to see a one-on-one initiative for high school students.

+ It takes FOREVER to log on to the new computers… (Brian’s note: this is specific to new Windows 7 laptop in a few specific buildings and is our current #1 issue)
+ I think we should be less liberal about allowing so many private wireless devices onto our network.
+ when will we have on-line registration?
+ A better FAQ/Support page for district tech. issues.
+ Continuing to address the ever-difficult issue of maintaining enough bandwidth

2 thoughts on “What our staff thinks of our district technology services…

  1. Karen Wiesemann

    Re ‘Courteous’. You say that 2012 is an all time high when it matches the score from 2010.

    Re ‘Support Staff’ responses are not nearly as good as teachers. How come?

    You can answer when I get to the LRC

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Correct.. it does match, so it should state that it matches the all-time high.

      why are support staff responses not as high as the teachers… that’s a good question. Unfortunately, the survey doesn’t address the why, just that the gap exists. One thing we do know… support staff tends to select the option “I don’t know” more frequently. If that is how they feel, then we are ok with that, but we don’t consider it a “positive” response, so it does hurt our numbers.


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