Is Breakthrough to Literacy going away?

Although we haven’t received the official word from McGraw-Hill, there are indications that Breakthrough to Literacy (BTL) may be going away.  This based on the following information…

1.Breakthrough to Literacy promised a Windows 7 compatible version by August 2011.  It did not happen and they have told us that Windows 7 version will NOT be produced.

2.BTL technical support has told our district techs that no programmers are currently assigned to BTL  – therefore, no new versions, no enhancements, and no fixes.

3.BTL technical support states that support will continue for the product – however, our original support contact (who was with the company at the outset of the program) has left the company.  Our current tech support contacts will answer our calls, but we’re basically told to attempt the same standard fixes that we’ve always been told.  If those steps have not worked, then we’ve been told downgrade your machines to Windows XP and hope that it resolves the issue.

I’ve heard that it’s working just fine for some classrooms with Windows 7 and it’s not for others, is this correct?
Yes, this is correct.

If I’m having problems with Breakthrough to Literacy, can I still call for tech support help from the district?
YES !   Please continue to submit the issues that you have and we’ll do everything we can to support the product.

If McGraw-Hill confirms that BTL is going away….  will we stop using BTL or will we continue to use it?
We will continue to use BTL both this year AND next school year.  Beyond that has not been determined.

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